How about just HALF of the Pro Edition upgrade package?

We know finances can be tight these days, so we split the upgrade in half so you can save money by choosing which part will help you the most.


From: Eric Holmlund and Ryan Greene

Dear friend,

Again, thank you so much for grabbing your Commercial License for the AI Children's Book Maker. We're confident that you're going to love it.

We understand that finances can be an issue. Or perhaps we just haven't convinced you that this upgrade is MORE than worth it. That's why we're offering you a smaller upgrade on this page.

As the creators of this platform, we want you to get the most out of it. We want you to experience its biggest benefits and create books that you never thought were possible.

We also realize that not everyone needs ALL the components of the Pro Edition.

For example, maybe you're just not interested in creating chapter books for older kids and youth.

If that's the case, you don't need the Chapter Book Upgrade, but you absolutely WOULD benefit from the Illustration Tools Upgrade!

On the flipside, maybe you'd like to create chapter books, but you're already an expert illustrator, so you don't need the Illustration Tools.

Whatever the case, we encourage you to at least choose one of these great upgrades for your AI Children's Book Maker dashboard.

Again, the reason we're doing this is because we KNOW it's going to help you get even more value and enjoyment out of the AI Children's Book Maker.

Choose whichever one will be the most help to you, and grab it below.

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing what you create!

To your success,

Eric and Ryan

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Please choose one of these two options:

Chapter Book Upgrade


This upgraded collection of tools will enable you to create full-length chapter books for older kids and youth. Chapter books are a great publishing opportunity because these slightly older readers want a full series of books. If they find a series they like, they'll read as many as they can get their hands on!


  • Book Outline Creator
  • Outline Expander
  • Create the story outline
  • Chapter Writer
  • Chapter Expander and Assistant
  • Document Combiner
  • In-depth tutorials showing how to do it step-by-step


Click the button below to say YES to
the Pro Chapter Book Upgrade...

AI Children’s Book Maker Chapter Book Upgrade

Illustration Tools Upgrade


This upgraded collection of tools will enable you to create better illustrations, and a wider variety of illustrations for all book sizes and dimensions. Additionally, the Illustration Prompts Library of 200 exclusive prompts is going to ensure that you can get GREAT results and illustrate in any style.


  • Illustration Mask Tools
  • Variation Generator
  • Illustration Extender
  • Illustration Stitcher
  • Illustration Prompts Library
  • In-depth step-by-step tutorials showing how to use all of these tools


Click the button below to say YES to
the Pro Illustration Tools Upgrade...

AI Children’s Book Maker Pro Illustration Tools Upgrade

Again we're including a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose.


After placing your order, you will receive access to the upgraded membership area.

If you need any help, please contact us at https://prosupportdesk.com

No Thanks - I understand this is a special one-time-offer for new members to choose their own upgrade: either the Chapter Book Upgrade or the Illustration Tools Upgrade. I understand that if I want to upgrade later in the membership area, it will cost a minimum of $97 per upgrade. I also understand that if I say NO to this upgrade, I will NOT have access to the Pro features listed on this page, such as: being able to create full length chapter books, the Illustration Mask Tools, the Illustration Variable Generator, the Illustration Extend and Stitch Tools, and the Illustration Prompt Library. I'm ready to pass on all of this.

Click here to say NO and continue to the member area


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